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One of standard device for household protection is motion detector alarm. Motion detector alarm automatically watches a secure zone within their house and when unwarranted movement detected within this zone you will receive notifications. Fit the motion detector alarm near your garage door or your rear door entrance to automatically detect any unexpected intruders.
motion detector alarm
motion detector alarm
Why should this motion detector alarm been installed in your house? Using motion detector alarm gives you several significant benefits, and below are the primary advantages.
Automated watching
A motion detector alarm will automatically do the watching job all day long. And since it uses advanced sensor technology, darkness doesn’t affect the device activity. As it’s a machine, motion detector alarm is free from human error such as sleeping off.

Automated reporting
Motion detector alarm will sound an alarm or calling up telephone numbers immediately after something wrong happen.

Remote reporting
As mentioned above, a motion detector alarm can be integrated with telephone numbers. That essentially means if intruders break in, you can be notified even when you’re ten miles away from your home.

Excellent quality within coverage area
Motion detector alarm detects any movement within coverage area, thus making your secure maximal. A motion detector alarm with coverage distance of around 20-25 feet is a good choice for your home.

Using a motion detector alarm is beneficial from all 4 reasons above and it would make life a lot easier for you.
A personal safety alarm is product you should buy when thinking about getting a self defense product. This product is not your usual self defense weapon. It’s only effective in stopping an attack rather than immobilize the attacker.
personal safety alarm
personal safety alarm
A personal safety alarm emits a loud sound that scaring off the attacker. When you push the button or pull the pin out of the device, a loud alarm which can be loud as 130 decibels will go off. The sound is loud enough to scare off the attacker. This personal safety alarm can come in several size and shapes. You can buy a small one than easy to carry in your pocket or in your purse. The loud alarm will surprise the attackers since they like to sneak up on the victims. The loud alarm is also enough to be heard by other people that might be in the area. This is the situation that most attackers don’t like and they usually will run away before help comes.

But, a personal safety alarm is not a guarantee that you will not get an attack. In most cases, it probably will work, but if you want to be on the safe side, you should add an extra layer of protection. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry some other self defense weapon along with the alarm such as, pepper spray or stun gun. Some countries and sates have strict laws regarding self defense weapons. The use of stun guns, tasers, and even certain types of pepper spray are prohibited in some states in United States. A personal safety alarm is probably your best option if you live in a country or state that doesn’t allow you to have self defense weapon. You should consider investing in one of self defense weapons to go along with personal safety alarm, if you’re lucky enough to live in a city and state where you can carry them.

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