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There are many types of door alarms available on the market today. To choose the type that fully your need, you must think a few things such as what kind of door that you’re trying to guard. Some alarm types equipped with some serious bell and whistles, and others just has simply one or two function. The kind of door alarms that you want to pick depend entirely on what you want from alarm system for the door and the best one may not be what you’re looking for at all.
door alarm
The simply type of door alarms are the kind that you place on the door and will go off when the door opens. This type is good for you who looking alarms to keep in teens, as long as it’s not easily disabled by the teen that is looking to sneak out. It would be better if you can hide it then you will know when the door is opened.  But the problem is that they will know the alarm is there. The next time they try to sneak out they will try to disable the alarm.

There are a few door alarms that are complicated, that include control panels, and computer program that monitor the pressure on the glass, as well as other sensors in the place in the door. Most door alarm will alert you when door has been opened, either with audible alarm or with text massage if you away from home. The choice is up to you, simple or complicated door alarm type.
driveway alarm
The basic function of driveway alarm system is to inform you when someone is pulling in, or walking on to your driveway.  But, more advanced system will not only perform this basic function. It’s also allowed for the addition of multiple motion detection sensors to protect your land and home. These are generally wireless driveway alarm types, which each sensor will either be battery powered or you can choose to install solar panel for recharging on its own during daylight.

Some manufacturers give you option to install another equipments such as additional relay to add the ability to turn on exterior or interior lights, sirens or squelching horns and emergency flashing or store lights mounted externally. It’s guarantee that the invaders will leave as quickly as they arrived.

Because the advance of technology in home security, now the driveway alerting system can be added to some internal home security systems to work in unison, and allow the security monitoring company access to the additional tier of security.  Even now, some units have application that can be added to your mobile phone, so you will be instantly alerted when the system is breached.
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